Russian products that are best-selling abroad are named

23 October 2020
Russian agro-industrial exports have been growing in recent years and are becoming more diverse, experts said.
It is noted that wheat, meat, fish and oil are traditionally in demand. However, new positions have appeared among the best-selling products.
"At the same time, the export of livestock products and certain types of highly processed crop products is growing dynamically," RIA Novosti quotes Andrey Dalnov, Head of the industry expertise center of the Russian Agricultural Bank. According to him, this refers to the supply of potato flakes and pellets used in the production of chips and mashed soups abroad. So, for 2020, the shipped volume may reach $7 million.

Demand for Russian wheat gluten exports, which is used in the bakery and food industries, has also increased. Over the past five years, exports have grown 1.5 times, and by the end of the year it may exceed $60 million.
In addition, experts note an increase in exports of cameline oil. It is rich in useful substances and is similar in composition to cedar wood oil.

Source: IZ.RU